Friday, June 10, 2011

Tomato Sandwich Coming Up!! - SOLD

Tomato Sandwich Coming Up! 6x6 Oil on gesso board
This Painting is SOLD
Please visit my Etsy Shop HERE

This shows the progression from the original still life set up to the finished painting.The original still life is the photo at the bottom, from which the painting was done.

Thank you Madeleine!! This painting is going to Sweden, so now I have gone international!! I hope you enjoy it!

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  1. Hi Janet!Here for the first time.Went through your blog and you have such colorful blog with lovely paintings.I loved your work.
    I came across this piece at DPW challenge and the light on the tomatoes caught my sight.Beautifully painted.Very well done!

  2. I, too, saw your tomatoes at the DPW challenge. They sing. Truly. I look forward to seeing more of your still lifes.

  3. Love the tomatoes! The light is wonderful. I am a member of the $200 Painting Blog and also live in a bean field as opposed to a corn field. Very nice work.


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