Monday, June 6, 2011

Rocky and Missy's World - COMISSIONED

Rocky and Missy's World
24x36 Oil on Stretched Canvas
This painting is SOLD
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This is a commission that has been at least a couple of months in the making. It has morphed so many times in trying to get it the way I wanted it to be.  My buyers, L.V. and Tamara pretty much left it up to me what to put in the painting. So this is truly an original for me. Tamara told me the colors she wanted, she said trees and a creek would be nice. So I just went with that and came up with this composition. L.V. and Tamara are having a beautiful new home built in Tennessee and will be moving in soon. I am so honored that they asked me to do a painting for their new home. I hope it will be just right for their colors and decor. They had already bought the frame they wanted so I took a photo of the painting with its new frame. I think it is perfect!
There is sort of a story with the painting. L.V came up with the idea. Not too long ago, Tamara's cat Rocky died, unexpectedly. Also, Tamara's step-dad passed away recently. He had had a Lhasa Apsa, Missy,  who was also recently deceased. So L.V. suggested putting the pets in the painting. You can enlarge the painting by clicking on it. If you will look at the end of the path toward the center left of the painting, you will see Rocky, the cat walking toward the cabin which is over the hillside. Beside Rocky is Missy, sitting and looking toward the cabin. I think there is some allegory here. You decide. I wanted them in the painting not as a focal point, but at the same time I feel like they are such a strong element of the painting. This really is "Rocky and Missy's World".

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  1. Beautiful!!! I love it, and I know LV and Tamara will too!


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