Thursday, June 2, 2011

Before Planting

8x8 inch oil on canvas board 
Available for $20 plus $5 shipping

I did this painting for two reasons ( I think they call it killing two birds with one stone).  One is for the Daily Paintworks weekly challenge. Been wanting to do that for some time and can't seem to get a round tuit. The subject is "The Outside Your Window Challenge". So this is the view outside our windows on the east side of our house. This is a closeup shot, as the field between us is really a lot larger than what is shown here.  This is the corn field in Ohio that I live by. (Excue bad grammer!) Only I think that this summer it will be a soy bean field. You can see this painting at  under the challenges. Anyone can do this challenge, if you are interested. The second reason for this painting is for an exercise with Nel, who is doing Prompts and Critiques for me this summer, using the Zorn Palette. This palette consists of Ivory Black, Yellow Orchre, Cadmium Red Light, White, and Cobalt Blue. I just learned about this today. It makes for some interesting colors and I think too, a rather harmonious effect, as Nel said. I am not listing a sale price yet. I am still doing some work on this one. Soon though!! Just wanted you to know I AM doing something! You can let me know if you are interested.

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