Thursday, June 16, 2011

Just for Fun - SOLD

Just for Fun!
     12x12 Oil on Stretched Canvas
I do so hate having paint left on my palette and it ends up dry and hard. Especially when I pay $25 for a little  tiny tube of paint. I see $$ signs every time I put out even a little half pea size blob of paint to use. And some colors are just plain expensive, especially the cadmiums, but oh they are so nice!! So sometimes when I have some paint left over, I will just do something like this painting, just so it doesn't go to waste. It usually works well because the colors are already complimentary from using them on a single painting. I have a couple more of these that I may post later. It's fun too!!This painting is on gallery wrapped, stretched canvas, and finished on all sides and ready to hang. This is the kind of painting that is often displayed without a frame.

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