Sunday, December 8, 2019

On the Easel

Here is a sneak peak of what is going on in my little painting corner right now. Maybe painting some snow will get us some soon! As I have said before, snow is my favorite subject to paint, and bare trees. And a nice snowfall would be greatly appreciated! 

Thursday, October 24, 2019

Evolution of a Painting From Memory

An Old West Texas Farm 

This is a first for me!!! Jay has commissioned me to paint a picture of a place from his memory, his grandparent’s farm in West Texas. It has been quite a challenging project. The first photo below was Jay’s first rough sketch of the farm, which no longer exists. It is now just open prairie. So we started with this sketch and as you can see from the photos following, that it evolved quite a bit. We had to figure out the placement of everything, and then I drew it from three different possible angles. Jay picked the one he liked best of those three. Yesterday, after many months of getting our heads together and coming up with the right scene, I finally finished the painting. I cannot post it on here just yet because Jay does not want to see it until he can see it in person. So when that happens I will post a photo of the finished painting. It is an interesting painting that I am sure stirs a lot of memories!

I see my last post was April 7. It has been a while! 

The first rough sketch from Jay’s memory. 

A few more details.

Some instructions for the barn. 

Jay decided on this layout. 

A rough sketch of the old house.

Adding some things.

Moving some things around. 

Adding some more things, cotton wagons in this case. 

Got it started! This is all you can see of the painting for now! Finished product late!!

Jay wanted these next three farm implements included.

Jay said they had six of these brown and white cows in the pasture. 

The field in the background is a cotton field, so naturally we needed some wagons to hold the cotton. 

Two of these black and white pigs in the pig pen. 

This car and this tractor!!

I borrowed this photo reference for the right angle of the car. 

1938 John Deere. 

You will see this washtub under the windmill where Jay used to take his bath. 

Jay wanted a tornado in the painting. After all, it is west Texas!

Sunday, April 7, 2019

Meadow Walk

Meadow Walk
20 x 10 Inches
Oil on Stretched Canvas
Available - $175 Plus Shipping

See Left Side for More Info

Below is a photo of this painting as it was after I dd it with a painting group. We did it in one sitting so were limited on the time we could spend on it. Later I did some more with it, adding some interest with flowers, cows, water, ducks, dog, birds, and changed the figure to a better one, I think. 

Sunday, March 3, 2019

Misty Forest With Deer Family

Misty Winter Forest With Deer Family
28 x 22
Oil on Stretched Canvas

I started this painting a couple of years ago. It originally was just snow and trees, no creek or deer. It sat for a while as I was contemplating what to add to it for some extra interest. So far this is what I have. I may "contemplate" it some more. I will re-post if I make any additions. 


Tuesday, February 12, 2019

A country Road in Nebraska

A Country Road in Nebraska
30 x 24 inches
Oil on Stretched Canvas

This is a scene in Nebraska, somewhere south of Omaha
Finished on all sides and ready to hang, with or without a frame.
It will need some drying time.
Contact me if you are interested in purchasing this painting.

I see that I have not been on here since May of last year! I have done very little painting since then, especially since we had spent almost 7 months traveling in the western U.S. Recently I finished two paintings, the previous post and this one. I have to give credit to Mark Norling for the inspiration for this one. He is a wonderful photographer and I became acquainted with him through the FB page "God's World Through the Lens". He gave me permission to use his photo for this painting. You can see his photos on that page. It is a closed group but you can join if you are interested in photographing or viewing God's creation.  

Carrie's Place

Carrie's Place

Oil on Stretched Canvas
20 x 16

     The story - The Hopkins (My daughter and family) had me do a mural on their large dining room wall in their Ohio house, about 10 years ago! They left for a year and I never quite finished it. Before starting the big one, I did a smaller quick study. Carrie had drawn the basic picture that she wanted me to paint. So I found the small one in one of our many packed up things, and worked on it to give to Carrie for her birthday this past year. After that she wanted a few things added, little animals. So I have done that and touched up a few places. See if you can find all the little critters I added, not counting the sheep.

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