Saturday, January 7, 2017

The Protector

30 x 24
Oil on Stretched Canvas

It's been a long time!
In the past I have not been an ocean painter. It all looked very daunting to me, and still does. But now a couple of people have commissioned me to paint this subject matter. So I guess you can say they were my first experience with the ocean and water on a large scale. I did paint a couple of very small ocean paintings, which are back in my blog a good ways. But painting on a large scale is different. This one and the two commissions were on the larger scale. I guess I did it backwards, but after the fact, I did this painting lesson from Byron Pickering who is a wonderful artist and painter of the ocean. He is fortunate to live on the northwest coast of the US. I might be jealous! His title for the painting is "The Protector". 

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