Tuesday, September 8, 2015

Approximately 7 ft x 4 ft
Made up of 12 - 20x16 inch canvases
Commission for a Church Auditorium

Someone selected this scene to represent Jesus as our Lifeboat, having made it through the storm that is exiting of the right side, safe on shore and the calm from the storm on the left side.  Some have suggested that it looks a bit like the sea of Galilee. Some are reminded of the events that took lake beside this lake.

Below are photos of Mike, my husband, hanging the canvases. This was a pretty meticulous job, getting the nails placed just right so that they hang evenly and that there is an exact 1 inch space between all sides. He did a great job! Right up his alley. You can also see the canvases in my painting room. Mike attached these to a large piece of  plywood so that I could see the painting all together as I painted.  Then the pictures of it hanging in the Church Auditorium.

So, as you can see, I could not have done this without Mike!

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