Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Old West Texas Farm

36 x 24 Inches
Oil on Stretched Canvas

This was a commission by a family member. If you refer back to my October 24, 2019 post you will get more about the development of this painting. This is the final outcome. It is a farm that belonged to the Grandparents of my husband and his cousin, Jay, who commissioned the painting. Jay gave me the details from his memory of time spent on the farm that was located in West Texas. It no longer exists, just a West Texas field. This is sort of a drone’s eye view of the place. Jay told me how many and what kind of cows, the pigs, chickens, farm implements, kind of car, Ford truck, peach trees, garden, watermelon patch, windmill with his bathtub below, root cellar, rattle snake, jack rabbits, the five oak trees, many acres of Cotten and the cotton wagons, the windmill. I think it is an interesting painting with some fun details to look for. If you look inside the truck you can see someone. Jay says that he is the one driving. This was a long process, getting everything just the way Jay remembered it. A new family heirloom perhaps. 

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