Wednesday, August 7, 2013

Before and After Ocean Scene - SOLD

10x8 inches on canvas panel.
The above painting is the updated version of the below painting that I did last year. I've been wanting to get to it and do some changes, so finally did. This above painting is not on a new canvas, but on the same one below and only added to. The mood of the sky is totally different and there is more definition to the wave action. There is a small change to the rocks and their reflections added. In the painting below I was limited on the time, so it was not the way I wanted to finish it. It was one that we did with our Home School painting lessons. I think having waited as long as I did to work on it, it turned out even more differently than it would have if I had done it earlier. Probably a good thing. Again, the bones of this painting were from Nel and she kindly allowed me to use it.

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