Thursday, August 22, 2013

The Sower, After Van Gogh

The above painting is revised from the one below. The sowers boots weren't working for me. I hope this is better now. 

The Sower - After Van Gogh
24x20 x 2
The sides are finished with black
This painting is for Jeremy.

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This above painting is for Jeremy. He saw the original while in the Netherlands and really liked it. Jeremy, this looks better in person.  This one is 20 x 16 x 2 on gallery wrapped canvas.  We got the canvas with the deeper edge and that will be painted black so that this can be hanged unframed. It will make the painting stand out more too. (Like it needs it!)  I might still play with it some in some places that are bothering me, but it is mostly finished. The next one will be the 15 x 30. Looking forward to that.

Below is the photo that I used for reference, of the original painting. Because of my camera and your computer monitor, the colors may be different for you. Some colors are hard to get accurate, at least with my camera. 

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