Monday, November 4, 2013

Old Rose Painting

Old Rose Painting - 1972
24 x 36
Oil on Canvas Panel

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I call it "Old" because it was painted before I was married. It was painted in 1972 and it has my maiden name for the signature. It is now hanging in Rose Marie Paden's living room. She was kind enough to give it a home. I forget about this painting since I don't see it very often. Funny thing is that we tried to sell it when we had a personal property auction once and no one wanted it. I haven't been able to paint lately, traveling, company, life, etc.  So I thought you might like to see another oldie. We were just at Rose Marie's for a visit and I took this photo of it. Not the best as it has some glare on the right side. I think I painted this from a magazine cover photo. Don't remember what the magazine was.
After I post this I am going to go do some painting on something newer!

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