Monday, June 24, 2013

East Tennessee Somewhere

Oil on Gesso Board

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Just wanted to play around a bit and do a quickie with some thicker paint. I've been watching some video on YouTube of some painters and one in particular. His are beautiful. The support is only 4x4 inches and I used a #4 flat sable, so it was a little like doing a larger painting with a bigger brush, only in miniature.  These are fun. It is hard to mess up. Although it has a long way to go!!
The setting is in East Tennessee, somewhere near Muddy Pond. That has been a favorite place of ours to go visit for years. It is the location of a Mennonite store. They used to make good sandwiches and we would go there and eat outside the store on the grass. But unfortunately they quit doing the sandwiches, so we don't go there any more. We have found another place where we can get the sandwiches, although it is not nearly as pretty of a drive.  And no grass to sit on :(

Below is the photo reference. Nel, I would love to see you do this one!

The Muddy Pond area is beautiful. I get our sorghum made from there.

Below is a closeup of some brush strokes. 

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